In the real world of construction,
after materials are delivered to the jobsite,
Its time to...

Measure, Cut & Build!

Designed to safely cut: UBERSTIX, Popsicle & craft sticks, straws, foamcore, cardboard, wire, paper and much more...!
The UberCutter delivers precise straight cuts, common angles and everything in-between.
Professional hobbyists will appreciate the UberCutter
for its accuracy and control.
Now kids can finally cut materials safely and complete projects by themselves
start to finish!
Smooth the edges after cutting a component by
using an emery board
or any concrete walkway
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We are currently sold out of the UberCutter but you can find it at:
Mod a PirateSitx

Mod a CubStix


Mod an I-Stix

File it Smooth

Modify or cut UBERSTIX parts to make new parts!

Safely Cut Popsicle sticks, straws and other materials to build working models!

A message from Dane Scarborough (the inventor)

I designed the UberCutter so that kids from 5 -99 can safely and accurately cut Uberstix, Popsicle sticks, straws, card stock, etc...

I went online and did a search for the best way to cut  "Popsicle sticks" and this is what I found:

Best Answer - Chosen by Voters on YAHOO ANSWERS

"An exato knife, with a sharp blade will do the trick. You may have to make several passes.

For cutting ACROSS, use an Xacto knife or a razor-saw. With the knife, make several shallow cuts,
and ALWAYS wear safety glasses (I've hit my glasses with MANY chipped #11 Xacto knife blade tips).

You can also use a box-cutter, but you'll have FAR less control."

"OK, that's pretty scary for anyone, let alone kids but now there is a better choice."

  • Wether you are building a bridge for a school project or working on a craft project of your own,  the UberCutter is the safest, most accurate cutting tool you can use.

  • Instructions for Uberstix projects are free on this site and there are many other sites that have free instructions for projects with Popsicle sticks.

  • The UberCutter is designed to be child safe but it is also the most accurate cutting tool a professional hobbyist can use at any price.

  • Uberstix  parts are designed to be modified or cut as needed to create new parts.  Uberstix are also designed to work with  Popsicle sticks and other materials like straws, paperclips, water-bottles etc...
The instructions below show the bottom view of the UberCutter