The Monorail straight track is built with QUARKS.

The turns (Left, Right, Up, or Down) are built with a combination of QUARK's and 15 Degree Strange QUARK's

It's easy to build a few inches off the ground, but as soon as you start climbing to higher elevations, you will need to gain an understanding of cross bracing, sheer strength, and an array of other building techniques that are used in the real world. 

The model seen here, is still available at a few retail and e-tail locations, but supplies are limited.

FYI: We are planning to launch a new model of the X57 MONORAIL in Fall of 2011.
START with this Video if you have never built with UBERSTIX before... It's very basic
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"Pimp my ride" shows how UBERSTIX integrates
with other build systems

Pause the video to get a good look at how UBERSTIX snap
on to the low profile blocks of LEGO,

See how easy it is to integrate wheels from other build systems

Discover that the screws from Erector/Meccano set will self tap into the holes in UBERSTIX parts

Discover how to make a simple cross-brace and scissor hinge

Count the total number of times the word "UBERSTIX TONG's"
is mentioned...?

Find out how to pick up radioactive material

Here you will see some crazy counter weights

Quarks used as a track for a steel ball

A collapsible trampoline

Basic Instructions
of how the parts
work together
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How to build the Uberpult

Step by step instructions on building a functional catapult that fires real food, while learning the physics that makes it possible.

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