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Matthew has some great ideas!

by Dane Scarborough on 01/25/11

Below is a note I received and I wanted to share it, because this guy has some great ideas and we are working on making these happen soon. 

(A visitor to your Web site has filled out the form located at:

Multiple Line Textbox 1    "Hello, My name is Matthew and I am 11 years old. I am UBERSTIX4EVER!!!! I have build a lot of these projects and i love them! i am waiting for more projects to come out so i can build them. I think one way you could improve your site is, to have accounts. People could have accounts, and get awards (online awards) based on  what they have built. Maybe you can make a chatroom too! 

Thanks, Matthew"

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1. Matthew said on 2/23/11 - 04:37PM
thanks Dane.

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