by Dane Scarborough on 12/23/10

All construction systems help development of spacial and problem solving skills, so ...Why Uberstix?

1.  You may already know Uberstix works with all other build systems...

2.  You may already know Uberstix integrates with recycled materials...

3.  Put  one and two together and you have "Open-Source" building, and that may take you to a place beyond following instructions,  a place of unlimited possibilities...  

Consider this: A guy is walking down a path, a burr sticks to his clothes and as he pulls it loose, he is amazed at it's grip.  This insignificant event had occurred billions of times throughout history, and yet, this one guy seeing the possibilities, called it "Velcro".

This is the philosophy of Uberstix, to promote and develop critical and free association thinking, opening the playground of the mind to a world of possibilities.  

If you are aware of any similar stories, please share them...

Your votes count!

by Dane Scarborough on 12/21/10

We are a small company and we hear you. The web poll on the instructions page will remain open, so if you want to have an impact on the next free instructions uploaded, be sure to cast your vote.

Regarding Parts are Parts:
If you or your friends have ever received an UBERSTIX kit as a present, you definitely have the parts you need to build new models for free. It doesn't matter if the kit was a frog, a bat, a PirateShip or anything else. Visit the Models & Instructions page and see what you can build today.   

Latest instructions upload

by Dane Scarborough on 12/20/10

AeroForce Glider designs of: FourBarrel and Skorge are up! you can access the instructions on the AeroForce page at :   http://www.uberstixforthepeople.com/AEROFORCE.html

UBERSTIX for the People

by Dane Scarborough on 12/17/10

FYI:  The UBERSTIX truck will be at the Orange County Market at:  87 Fair Dr in Costa Mesa, Calif on Saturday, Dec. 18th, & Sunday Dec. 19th,... If you're in the area, stop by and say hi  


by Dane Scarborough on 12/15/10

More AEROFORCE Glider images are uploaded as of today and instructions for them will be up before Christmas

Web Poll results

by Dane Scarborough on 12/09/10

OK, based on the web poll (found on the Instructions page), 41% of you want more buildings and architecture models.  So I'm going to make it a priority to get those instructions uploaded next. Thanks for the feedback! 

Why are we posting UBERSTIX Instructions for free?

by Dane Scarborough on 12/09/10

It's like this,

Imagine having a box of parts and going online when you want to build a new model.  It may look like an online toy store, except that when you click on the model you want, the instructions open up, and away you go!  There are SCAVENGER models that reward you for recycling by integrating common materials you can find around the house or neighborhood that connect with UBERSTIX.  For example, to build the Uberstix Pirate ship, you first go on a scavenger hunt for one water bottle, two paper cups, two ice cream sticks and a plastic shopping bag.  When you complete the model, you can actually sail it.    
By posting the instructions online for FREE and producing and selling the parts in bulk, online, and through mobile vans, with packaging being reduced to plain cardboard boxes and brown paper bags with "UBERSTIX for the People" stamped on them, we are reducing or eliminating:
INK, PAPER and ENERGY required to produce and manufacture vast amounts of instruction booklets, inner and outer carton shipping boxes, the energy to transport product between factories and then ship to a destination country, where it is shipped again, to a distribution warehouse, and then finally SHIPPED to retail stores which have on-line business as well.  This means that the product still may take yet one more journey.  What a lot of wasted ENERGY, MATERIALS, TIME and RESOURCES. 

How much energy will  "UBERSTIX for the People" save?

How much more accessible will UBERSTIX be?

How many kids from diverse economic backgrounds will get to play, learn and be inspired?

It's up to you...  


by Dane Scarborough on 12/09/10

UBERSTIX AeroForce Gliders will be available on line by Monday.

The Online store for UBERSTIX parts will open tonight!

by Dane Scarborough on 12/09/10

Happy holidays!

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